Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last Days at the Gambier Road Market

Last week, notice was given to stallholders at Gambier Road Market that they were to be moved and the market closed. The last day of operation will be June 15th, 2008. The Gambier Road Market is Kuching's oldest meat and produce market, with buildings dating back to 1929. For many years it served as the main market for Chinese residents in Kuching's historic city centre, as well as for Malay residents in the kampungs across the river.

Notice indicating that stallholders are to register for their new stalls in the Stutong market is posted beneath a plaque commemorating the most recent renovation of the Gambier Road Fish Market in 1989.

A sudden rainshower at the Cheko produce market. The name Cheko comes from the Malay appropriation of the Hokkien phrase jitkoh, meaning one ringgit.

An electronics repair shop in the Clothing Bazaar building.

Sharks for sale at the Gambier Road Fish Market.

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