Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Days at the Gambier Road Market Pt. 15: Moving Day

This will be the last posting for this series. Since this was mostly a snapshot of a work in progress I will be editing and reposting this series on Flickr, hopefully tightened up. I hope to be starting a new series here soon.

Small-scale protests erupt early in the morning of the Market's last day, but there is little left that can be done.

A longtime stallholder takes photographs of the Cheko Market where his stall used to be while holding his nephew.

The Fish Market stands empty on its last day.

On the last evening of the market's existence, Meimei's children light candles in a small act of remembrance. Meimei's family has sold produce here for three generations. "I grew up here," she said.

The market buildings have since been demolished.

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