Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Days at the Gambier Road Market Pt. 4

Break time at the Gambier Road Fish Market.

Fresh fish being sorted at the Gambier Road Fish Market. Fish at the Gambier Road Market are unloaded directly from fishing boats at its wharf. When the market is moved, fish will have to be trucked to the new location, as the new market is not near any navigable water.

Bags of peanuts and palm sugar hang from raffia strings in the Cheko Market.

Transport lorries wait outside the Gambier Garment Store Bazaar for business. The Bazaar has served as a gathering centre for lorries for decades.


Anonymous said...

i have to admit, i kindda miss these sceneries.

Surena Basri said...

yes, we the commoners misses these scene cos we were there experiencing the times we have to wait for our grandparents at the cheko... but sadly, the people who approves the demolition never experience this sweet memories as we commoners - these places never have a hold in their heart...

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