Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Days at the Gambier Road Market Pt. 9

A tambang ferryman ties up at Pengkalan Sungei Bedil Besar, the small wooden jetty behind the Cheko market, on a rainy morning. The tambang ferries have criss-crossed the Sarawak River for over a century, carrying passengers from the Malay kampungs on the north bank of the river to the city centre on the south side and back. With the closing of the market, many of the ferrymen will see a substantial dip in their trade.

Wholesale vegetable lorries preparing to leave Gambier Road just before dawn. Gambier Road served as a wholesale market for vegetables and fish during the wee hours of the morning, before workaday traffic begins.

Bicyclist balances both bicycle and umbrella during a rainstorm on Gambier Road.

Ah Boo's charismatic lorry outside the Garment Bazaar. The lorry has appeared in several movies shot in and around Kuching.

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