Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Days at the Gambier Road Market Pt. 2

A stallholder shows me the plans for a new hotel and shopping mall that he alleges are the real development plans for the area, not merely the proposed waterfront extension.

The Gambier Road Poultry Market. Live poultry is sold here to Muslim clients who wish to slaughter the poultry according to halal principles.

Conversation between two clothing stallholders at the Ban Hock Wharf Hawkers' Centre. "Do they think everyone can afford to shop at The Spring every day?"

A fishmonger's stall at the Fish Market.


Anonymous said...

picture 1 <- i wonder where they got the picture from.maybe someone who doesn't want them to let the DBKU to demolish the place? sabo?

Jeremy Tan said...

He said that he got them from the planning office.

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